As technology becomes a bigger part of everyday life, it is inevitably becoming intertwined with education as well. Especially in English Language Arts and Reading classrooms, the integration of technology is not only important for students learning the technological skills, but it helps students understand and interact with the content more deeply. ELAR teachers devote their precious time to integrating technology as administrators devote monetary resources. Students benefit from online collaboration because it brings them together and allows them to learn from others. Multimodal aspects of technology create deeper levels engagement and understanding. A flipped classroom model allows for deeper thinking and interaction with learning to occur in the classroom with the teacher. Online collaboration allows for discussions in which students have the time to thoroughly consider their responses to each other and everyone gets a voice. It also allows students to collaborate with those not usually a part of the classroom. Publication opportunities motivate students to put their best effort into their work and encourage them to consider their audience.

Key words: classroom, collaboration, educational technology, English, ELAR, publication


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